Welcome to our dwelling place!

I'm Wendy Edwards, the writer & creator of Designed To Dwell.

{Some day I'll get my 9 year old to take another picture of me!}

I spend most of my time hanging out with these three cuties...

{Ezekiel, Eliana, & Evalyse}

but when they're off doing their own thing (like going to school or taking naps) I like to spend my time transforming our builder-grade house into a custom-made home for my family in the suburbs of Cincinnati.

Of course, that usually means convincing this guy

{I'll change this picture if he ever notices it!!}

to get his hands dirty.  But come on, look at him, do you think he could say, "no" to me?

I hope you'll stick around during the process!

(To see the current state of our house, click on the "Our Home" tab.)

1 comment:

  1. Love your bio & sense of humor. I'm a new follower and would live to have you stop over for a visit/ follow along.




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