Girl’s Bedroom Makeover: The Reveal

Six weeks ago I set out on a mission to completely make-over my eight-year-old daughter’s bedroom, thanks to a linking challenge put out by Linda of Calling It Home.  In the past, the One Room Challenge has been great at motivating me to finish up some spaces in our home.  First, I made over our kids’ bathroom and this past fall, I gave our family room an update.  This time around, my daughter’s formerly cute bedroom had become too much for me to handle!  It was DRIVING ME CRAZY!  It was time to add more storage and make space for all those collections kids seem to hoard. 

Brass Bed

Let’s first take a look at the before so you can truly see how far this room has come:

Girl's Bedroom Before

After coming up with a plan, I set to work painting the walls Cosmic Rays by Olympic.

Tween Girl Bedroom Decor & Ideas

Next, I brought in the furnishings

Parsons Desk & Ghost Chair

I got the Lucite ghost chair from a local auction website for $25.  The parsons desk is from Wayfair.

Tween Desk

The lamp was a thrift store purchase that was sitting in the basement.  I gave it a quick coat of “spring green” paint (Elie’s favorite color) & a new lampshade from Wal-Mart.  I made a DIY bulletin board from some purple foam insulation, leftover fabric, & ribbon.  Eliana also loves the peace sign so I thought this peace sign hand from Hobby Lobby would be a great addition to her desk.

White & Gold Shelves

We added some white shelves above the desk to contain more of her collections & as a place to display some printable artwork.  I neatly corralled her jewelry (in the “spring green” wooden box), rocks, weathered glass, books, coins, & Pokemon cards.

Free Printables

I copied this giraffe (Elie’s favorite animal) trinket dish from A Gathered Home

Girl's Bedding Ideas

The headboard has been sitting in my basement for three years, just waiting to be cleaned up & added to Elie’s room.  I love the way it looks in this space after a few coats of gold spray paint.  I grabbed the sheets from Target and the white duvet & pillow covers are from Ikea.  I made the dust ruffle/bed skirt (Which do you prefer to call it???) with the extra curtain panel I dyed.  If you use pinking shears (to prevent fraying) to cut the short end first & then cut up the middle of the long side you can easily make a full-sized bed skirt from a 57” by 98” curtain panel.  I attached it to the box spring with mattress pins & just folded the two unfinished edges inward.

DIY Sunburst Mirror

I made the pink flower/sunburst mirror above the bed using The Nesters tutorial with pink cardboard & a $10 mirror from Hobby Lobby.  I love the way the Braemore Emperor’s Garden Blossom fabric ties the whole room together.  I made the pillow cover using this 36” pillow from Target.

Braemore Emperor's Garden Blossom Fabric

The night stand is an Ikea Rast I painted white.  You can see how I made the handles here.  I made my own version of some “X & 0” artwork I saw at Hobby Lobby using items I already owned.  I really love her white alarm clock too.  It was a cheapie from Target that comes with fun “fashion wraps”.  The kids love the wraps, but I really love the plain white, so I removed them!

Ikea Rast Nightstand

You can learn all about my experience dying Ikea Ritva curtains in this post.

Cheerful Tween Girl's Bedroom

Here is a view of the wall opposite the bed:

Cool Tween Bedroom

Six weeks ago it looked like this:

Girl's Bedroom Before

Elie now has a comfy chair in place of the 1970’s Barbie house. 

Tullsta Chair

My husband made the peace sign marquee & I gave it a coat of spring green paint.  (Remember, peace signs & spring green are two of Elie’s favorites!)  I’m still working on a way to hide the plug/cord situation & will hopefully be able to explain the process of how we created this light up peace sign soon.

DIY Peace Sign Marquee

The water color pillow was another DIY that I will have to explain another day.  Let’s just say there were quite a few failures before this beauty came to be!

DIY Watercolor Pillow

I spotted this mirror (peek-a-boo!) at At Home (the former Garden Ridge) & knew I had to have it for this room.


I painted the existing dresser (Aqua Bay by Olympic Paints) & added a faux orchid (also from At Home) & a few pictures to top it.

Tween Room Decor

The final wall in Elie’s room has two doors on it.  Since the actual wall space is pretty small, I decided to create a gallery wall using items she has collected & created, as well as some inspiring messages.

Free Printable Gallery Wall

You can find the links to all the free printables I used (yes, they were all FREE!) HERE as well as how I created the rock & shell art.

Fun & Colorful Girl's Bedroom

I have thirty minutes before Eliana gets home.  I think I’ll go revel in her cute & clean bedroom, because I know it won’t look this good tomorrow!

Here is a look at my plan for the space & the links for each week of the One Room Challenge:

Week One- Pictures & a Plan
Week Two- Paint, Paint, Paint
Week Three- Furnishings
Week Four- Gallery Wall of Free Art
Week Five- Third Time’s a Charm: Dying Curtains

I hope you will head over to Linda’s blog to check out all the wonderful room makeovers!  I fully intend to spend the weekend looking at every single one! 

Sharing Your Turn to Shine link party at Joy in Our Home too!

Joining the Pretty Preppy Party

Girl’s Bedroom Makeover: Third Time’s a Charm

They say the third time’s a charm, & it certainly worked for the curtain dilemma I had gotten myself into for the One Room Challenge (although I really wish I could say, “first time’s a charm”).  (Click to catch up on weeks one, two, three, & four.)

When I posted my plan for my eight-year-old daughter’s room, I mentioned possibly using Ikea Vivan curtains.  I checked them out in the store & thought they would be a great choice since the color was very close to the curtains on my mood board & they matched one of the three shades of pink in the pillow fabric I was using, plus they were only $10 a pair.  Then, I got home, ironed them all, & hung them in the room.

Ikea Vivan Pink Curtains

Once hung, the curtains felt completely wrong for the space.  The color was too bold & I just did not like the way they looked.  I decided to leave them up for a while to see if they grew on me, but after a couple of weeks, I decided they needed to go & made another trip to Ikea, this time to buy Ritva curtains to dye pink.  (Totally copied this idea from Little Green Notebook.)  I picked up a bottle of Cherry Red Rit Dye, poured half of it in 12 gallons of water (I used a plastic storage tub) & put my wet curtains in the water.  I let the curtains soak for about seven minutes before checking them, since the Rit website said to let the fabric soak for 10- 20 minutes or until the desired color was achieved.  I thought the 10 minutes was a minimum time, to allow the color to soak in.  After washing & drying them, I realized they were the exact same color as the curtains I didn’t like!  (Can you tell which is which in the photo below?)

Dyed Curtains

I spent the next 24 hours trying to remove the color from the curtains using Rit Color Remover.  I poured a package in seven gallons of water & soaked one curtain panel.  After a few hours the curtain was a very faint shade of pink.  Wanting to save time, I decided to use the washing machine method for the other two.  After an hour long cycle the curtains were unchanged.  I put them in the plastic tub that I had used for the first panel & after soaking for about 24 hours they looked like this:

Color Remover

Looking at these now I probably should have just tried to dye them again, but instead, I went back to Ikea for the third time & bought two more sets of Ritva curtains.  This time, I used the same mixture 4oz. cherry red rit dye with 12 gallons of water.  We basically  dipped the curtains in & immediately pulled them out of the water, rinsed them, & washed them with detergent. 

DIY Pink Dyed Curtains

It’s not a perfect match, but this shade of pink goes with the room much better.

Pink, Green, & Turquoise

I just have one more project to complete before I am finished with Elie’s room!  Please hop on over to Linda’s blog & check out the other makeovers in progress.

Girl’s Bedroom Makeover: Free Art

I am more than halfway through the One Room Challenge, where I am trying to make over my daughter’s bedroom in just six short weeks!  My plan is coming to fruition with paint on the walls & the furnishings installed.  Most of the remaining work is sewing & zhushing.  I am avoiding painting the bedframe getting a little ahead of myself styling the room, but couldn't wait to get started framing some free prints I found while perusing the internet. 


I thought this “She believed” print was so adorable, I knew I had to find a place for it in my daughter’s room.  It is filling up some vertical space on her bookshelves, along with this knockoff Anthropologie trinket dish I copied from A Gathered Home.  When I originally saw it on Pinterest, I knew I needed to include it in Elie’s room, since giraffes are her favorite animal.


My husband & I are hoping this quote about “Difficult things” will inspire our daughter to persevere through difficult tasks & circumstances.  The circles print behind it can be found here.


I chose this “Be lovely” print to hang as part of a gallery wall between the two doors in Elie’s room.  I love the faint colors in it. 


This floral one is probably my favorite.  I taped it to a piece of black poster board with some gold washi tape.  (Sorry for the crazy angle—it’s hard to photograph these without glares, since they are directly across from windows.)


I liked the vibrant colors in this butterfly print.


Just a pretty reminder that being herself is beautiful!  My husband doesn’t get this one, but I think it’s cute & I like the message.


I saw a print just like this at Hobby Lobby & replicated it for free!  I already had an old white frame, mat, & chartreuse paint at home.  It is the perfect art to sit on Elie’s nightstand & remind her how much her family loves her.


I framed some of Elie’s polished stones & shells (not pictured) in an acrylic box frame.


I also framed some of her pretty rocks.  I wrapped some wire around them & poked it through a piece of black poster board for mounting.


Here is a link to the constellation printable on the bottom row.  I couldn't get a good picture of it on it’s own.

You can find some other cute printables on my board for Elie’s room and my board for printable art

Now, I’m off to check out all the good projects going on at Linda’s for the One Room Challenge!

Also sharing at the Best of the Nest party.

Girl’s Bedroom Makeover: The Furnishings

Welcome back to another One Room Challenge update!  Believe it or not, but I have chosen to take on a challenge to finish up one room in my home in just six weeks.  Today is technically the third week.  I have been working on my eight-year-old daughter’s room (Elie).  You can see my plan for it here

I am really hoping this room turns out looking good, but I’m starting to have my doubts.  Spoiler alert—we hung some curtains & I think they are all wrong.  Time will tell!  I’m hoping they look better once we get the bedding & accessories in place.So, back to this week—Basically, I spent my time assembling, painting, & top coating the main furniture pieces for the room. 

I took a trip to Ikea with my three-year-old & eight-year-old & picked up this Tullsta chair.  It’s actually a pretty light-weight chair, but I felt like tough stuff carrying it up the stairs myself!


Another empowering moment for me…assembling this Rast dresser (after painting & polycrylic-ing it).  Usually I leave all the assembling up to my husband, but he was out of town & I was anxious to make use of the storage this provides.


I absolutely love using these as nightstands in kids rooms.  They are a good size & provide a good deal of storage.  The top drawer holds randoms, the middle drawer holds socks & undies, & the bottom drawer contains pajamas.  Yay for more storage in Elie’s dresser!

Those gold ring pulls were a DIY inspired by Sarah M. Dorsey.  I already had an extra set of Ikea curtain rings I wasn’t going to use, so I used them instead of the rings from the original tutorial. 

DIY Ring Pulls 2

I ordered this parson’s desk from Wayfair on Friday night around 5 pm & it was at my house by 3 pm the next day with FREE shipping!  (It must have been on sale when I ordered it because it was only $52.)


I got another great deal on the lucite ghost chair that I won on a local auction site for $25!  I’m kind of jealous of my daughter for getting it!  I have at least three more places in my home I would love to have one of these chairs…  Maybe I will get lucky again!


When my husband got home, I was ready for him to hang some shelves above the desk.  I have been working on styling them, but need to get some more accessories to fill them up.

To sum up today’s post, three important things to include when making over a kid’s space are: storage (bookshelves/nightstand), a comfy place to read, & a place to study—among other things, like a place to sleep, but we’ll get to that next week (I hope)!

Be sure to check out all the awesome room makeovers happening as part of the One Room Challenge!

Girl’s Bedroom Makeover: Paint, Paint, Paint

This past week has been dedicated to all things paint for my daughter’s room makeover.  Well, not quite all things paint—I have a few more things I need to paint for the room! 


Elie chose Cosmic Rays paint (by Olympic) for the wall color.  It is the same color we used in our family room.  (For some reason it is reading as a light lavender in the pictures, but it is actually a light blue-ish gray color.


I also painted the doors & trim in her room.


Speaking of trim, my husband added some around her windows.


I also painted her dresser turquoise (Aqua Bay by Olympic).  We used this color on the Tarva chest in the family room.  I really love the color in there, but I’m not really liking it on this dresser.  Maybe it’s the pink knobs or the lines at the bottom of the dresser that are throwing it off for me.  Hopefully, it will work out, because I really don’t want to re-paint it!

As for the upcoming week, boxes are starting to arrive & I did make the trek to Ikea, which means furniture assembly & painting await me!  Be sure to check back in for more progress next week!  You can see my plans for the space here.

If you are looking for some inspiration, be sure to check out all the other linking participants taking on the One Room Challenge.  In just four more weeks, there are sure to be some amazing spaces thanks to Linda’s motivation!


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